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Mars conjunct Neptune

Robbed of Your Energy

Kelli Fox

Being in this relationship could make it hard for you and your partner to become a strong, effective couple. Even if you ordinarily feel powerful and capable in your separate lives, you'll set off something within each other that will rob you of that energy. You may both end up feeling weak, vulnerable or ineffective, as if you just can't seem to get anything done or reach the goals you've set for yourselves.

Neither one of you will feel very supported by the other, either, perhaps because you'll find it so hard to support and believe in yourselves when you're together. Your egos will suffer, and one or both of you could become extremely dependent on the other through the course of this relationship, if steps aren't taken to build each of you up again. You'll need to try not to diminish each other's self-esteem or keep each other engaged through guilt and other sources of confusion. The only way to harness the more positive potential of this influence will be to focus on your spiritual connection -- on learning something new at that level, something you wouldn't or couldn't have learned on your own. To make that happen, you'll have to learn to place far less importance on your egos and more on your emotional or spiritual connection.

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