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Mars conjunct Jupiter

Creating Success Together

Kelli Fox

You'll generate a lot of energy when you're together. You might love jogging or working out together, gardening, or just working around the house; but whatever you do, you'll both bring a good deal of energy and optimism to the task at hand. There will be a sense of anticipation created between you, and the fact that you'll expect success will help to ensure that you find it.

There will be a strong physical component to your relationship that makes both of you feel really good and satisfied, but beyond your physical connection, you'll simply have a naturally good sense of timing together, one that helps you make good things happen as a team. You'll each be able to pursue your interests with the vigor born of having your partner's solid support. You'll make a plan, you'll follow it, and you'll get results. In this way, you'll both do what you want and create what you love. From the outside, it could look to your friends and families as if you're a lucky couple, but it's really that your combined energy, optimism and pro-activity will ensure many successes through the course of your relationship.

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