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Jupiter trine Uranus

The Freedom of Individuality

Kelli Fox

As a couple, you'll focus on the excitement of new discoveries and experiences. You'll pick up on a certain love of freedom and adventure in one another, which will attract you to each other from the start. You'll both know intuitively that this is a relationship that won't restrict your desire to experience life to the fullest and constantly broaden your horizons.

In fact, you'll help each other to seek out those unique experiences that will define your souls. You won't subject your relationship to overly traditional expectations, either; instead, you'll both be happy to let things follow their own course. You'll encourage independence and individualism in each other, so even if you do become a committed, long-term couple, you'll rarely restrict each other's personal freedom in any way. But this influence also won't undermine your connection or its durability. In fact, it will help to strengthen your bond, because both of you will so appreciate being able to truly be yourselves, through and through. Creativity, discovery, inventiveness, adventure and new perspectives will all be core values and interests that define your connection.

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