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Jupiter trine Neptune

Master and Disciple in Spiritual Attunement

Kelli Fox

You'll share a strong spiritual attunement, and the more intimate you become, the more your souls will feel uplifted, as if you've tapped into a wellspring of joy and enlightenment. You'll certainly have a lot to teach each other within these realms; in fact, you could take on a master-disciple dynamic, which will be a positive experience for you both as long as you switch roles from time to time. If other influences within your relationship point to a strong emotional, spiritual or intuitive connection, it's possible that you'll live out your love more through thought and feeling than through touch or anything else tied to the physical realm.

Alternatively, your physical bond could become a way to connect with each other and transcend the physical world into a dimension that's all your own, beautiful and perfect in its idealized state. You will need to pay special attention to the mundane, everyday world, however; don't allow yourselves to be so carried away on a cloud of feeling and togetherness that you forget to eat, get to work on time, pay the bills and so on! The spiritual and physical worlds are meant to complement one another, so try not to ignore one for the other.

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