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Jupiter trine Juno

Broadening Your Minds, Sharing Your Lives

Kelli Fox

Your mutual partnership needs will match up well with your shared interest in philosophy, learning, travel and other forms of expanding your minds. You'll both feel as if, on that level of intellectual and philosophical interests, you've found the type of partnership you're looking for, and this point of connection will be an important one for the development of your relationship. Therefore, you should be conscious in honoring that connection in whatever ways are appropriate.

If you're both interested in traveling to other countries, then work together to save up money for the plane tickets. If you're interested in educating yourselves in new subjects, then look through a course catalog from your local community college and find a new subject to explore together. If you're seeking spiritual enlightenment, then take couples' yoga or meditation classes together, or research temples or churches in your area that might appeal to you both. Your best bet with this particular energy is to be mindful in how you use and express it. That way, you won't take this easy energy for granted. Instead, you'll build your connection with each other as you enhance your own minds and lives.

Jupiter trine Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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