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Jupiter square Uranus

The Necessity of Freedom

Kelli Fox

This influence could really undermine the stability and comfort of your connection, because it demands freedom and independence, which could be difficult to afford each other. If either of you is at all possessive or controlling in personal relationships, or even if you simply need more of a commitment than you're able to get in this one, your partner will respond by breaking away from your limitations in any way they can. Freedom will be necessary to make things work between you, but it won't be easy to create a balance between freedom and togetherness.

However things go between you, there will be a strong emphasis on doing things in new, unique ways -- which could be interesting and exciting, or it could be upsetting and frustrating. Your connection will need to develop at its own pace and in its own way; otherwise, you'll run the risk of destroying it if you try to subject it to too many traditional expectations. But dealing with the uncertainty could be equally difficult, if you don't like not knowing how to define your bond or what its boundaries are. One thing is certain: This relationship will require a lot of openness and patience from you both.

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