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Jupiter square Saturn

A Conflict of Opposing Energies

Kelli Fox

You'll notice a real conflict between you of optimism versus realism; of expansion versus restriction; of adventuresome spirit versus practicality. This conflict could lead to some instability within the relationship, because you'll go back and forth between feeling fine about things (you're working together, you're proceeding slowly but surely toward goals you both care about) and feeling incredibly limited by your bond (you want more adventure, and less pessimism and restriction!). One of you could take on the role of stick-in-the-mud while the other is cast as the heedless, impulsive dreamer, or you could trade off positions.

Either way, you'll both feel frustrated by the situation, and your relationship will suffer from the lack of balance. The good news is, these opposing energies can be integrated, with some effort. Patience will be key between you; perhaps you can derive a sense of mutual tolerance and acceptance from other more harmonious influences in your relationship. You should both try to work together so that you can create openness and buoyancy between you, yet still be practical and grounded as a couple.

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