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Jupiter square Pluto

Check Yourselves

Kelli Fox

You'll want to cooperate and support each other as each of you tries to reach your goals, become more self-aware and make your dreams come true; but if you aren't careful, you may get stuck in power struggles instead. Somehow, teamwork won't come naturally to you, even if normally you're both good at working with other people. If there are other more harmonizing influences in your composite chart that indicate amicability and working together, those will help, but it's possible that in this particular pairing, each of you will see your partner's successes as somehow a threat to your own -- as if only one of you can be the achiever at any given time.

You'll both want to learn and grow and make progress, but you'll trip yourselves up if you're overly competitive. As things move forward in your relationship, achievement and success could take on too much focus, as if everything in your lives, or at least in your partnership, rides on these. The good news is, you can work on this; you can make a conscious effort not to be too ambitious or aggressive in chasing down your own goals, and you can both be sure to offer your partner they support they deserve.

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