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Jupiter square Neptune

The Illusion of Perfect Love

Kelli Fox

You could find it difficult to stay grounded in this relationship, even if you're both ordinarily very practical. Something will happen when you're together that stimulates your idealistic sides, or perhaps your escapist tendencies, and you'll both find it hard to get back to reality. Together you'll buy wholeheartedly into the illusion of perfect love -- of spiritual communion, emotional intimacy and ever-expanding enlightenment.

And while you may certainly experience moments of bliss in this pairing, it won't be perfect -- no relationship is -- and the comedown could be quite a disappointment once reality intrudes. You don't have to choose, however, between deluding yourselves and bitter pessimism. Just make it a point to accept the truth of your connection. If things aren't as wonderful as you might wish, don't waste time pretending they're idyllic; instead, put your energy into either working to fix them or accepting them as they are. Trust in your moments of happiness and communion, but try not to allow problems to conceal themselves beneath the surface of your relationship.

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