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Jupiter square Juno

A Test of Faith

Kelli Fox

Your mutual partnership needs won't match up well with your shared interests in philosophy, learning, travel and other forms of expanding your minds, which could make a serious dent in your faith in the relationship. You're both seeking particular things from this partnership, and you'll both feel disappointed at the fact that your intellectual and philosophical interests won't match up well with the connection you're envisioning for yourselves. You may have plenty of good ideas about how to enhance your spiritual lives or which subjects to learn more about as a couple, but if the natural course of your relationship steers you away from those things, you'll both feel shortchanged.

Depending on how well you communicate, you could get into some real struggles over these issues. Still, this tricky energy also offers you an important growth opportunity. Be conscious in seeking ways to blend your interests rather than just arguing over them and trying to get your own way. That way, you'll build your connection with each other as you enhance your own minds and lives.

Jupiter square Juno in the Compatibility Chart

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