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Jupiter sextile Pluto

A Sense of Trust

Kelli Fox

This influence will help a great deal in creating dynamic stability in your relationship. You'll make an excellent working team, and you'll work hard to help each other make your dreams come true. Together, you'll want to have a positive effect on the world and change things around you for the better, and you can make that happen through your combined positive outlook and your dedication to your cause.

This influence will also help in dealing with any problems you two face as a couple. Even if you run into big obstacles -- misunderstandings, mismatched objectives and the like -- you'll be able to find your way back to each other and reunite as a strong team. This is where stability is created between you; over time, a sense of trust, harmony and optimism will grow, as each of you begins to realize that when you're together, there's very little you can't accomplish, and very little that can drive you apart. This won't be the result of luck, but of effort and well-tuned energies combining in a positive way. If you make sure to focus together on making positive changes that will benefit more than just yourselves, you'll reap all the best that this relationship has to offer.

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