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Jupiter sextile North Node

Helping One Another Help Yourselves

Kelli Fox

Growth and positive progress will be an important part of this relationship. Becoming intimate with each other will help each of you develop greater self-awareness, which will enable you to move more surely along your personal paths. You'll bring enthusiasm, hope and excitement to each other's lives, creating a warm sense of affection and fun that will temper the mood even in rough times.

Your friends and families will also enjoy you as a couple, because they'll bask in the sense of pleasure and diversion you'll create when you're together. There will be a feeling of help and support between you -- a willingness to extend yourselves for the sake of making your partner's life better or easier. You may even find that as a couple, you receive help from unexpected places. You'll both thrive in this easygoing, comfortable atmosphere; most of all, the good feelings and positivity you create together will give way to happiness, especially if other influences in your relationship indicate a solid base of friendship and warmth.

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