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Jupiter opposite North Node

Finding Your Personal Paths of Success

Kelli Fox

Growth and positive progress will be an important part of this relationship. Becoming intimate with each other should help each of you develop greater self-awareness, which will enable you to move more surely along your personal paths. You stand a strong chance of bringing enthusiasm, hope and excitement to each other's lives, creating a warm sense of affection and fun that will temper the mood even in rough times.

All this positivity might be more difficult to achieve, however, if there are other more challenging influences in your relationship that point to power struggles and other conflicts of egos, either with each other or as a team with people outside your relationship. Look at your complete composite report for more clues as to the overall energy, feeling and general nature of your connection. But if all signs are good and there are several harmonious, supportive connections between you, this one will only add more warmth and enthusiasm to the mix. In that case, entering this relationship will be a step in the right direction for both of you, one that leads you forward along your paths of success.

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