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Jupiter opposite Neptune

Perfect in its Imperfections

Kelli Fox

You'll idealize each other and the relationship to a high degree, and the more you do so, the more likely it becomes that you'll end up disappointed, disillusioned or even bitter about the reality of your connection. Paradoxically, though, it's not that your connection will be negative or lacking in any major way; the problem is that you'll both feel afraid to face the truth, because reality has a way of popping those pretty bubbles of illusion. But the sooner you face the fact that you and your partner are both normal, flawed human beings with plenty of shortcomings as well as strengths, the sooner you'll realize that your relationship doesn't need those rose-colored glasses of yours; it's plenty good enough on its own.

Of course you'll run into problems together; no relationship is perfect, just as no human being is perfect. But you'll want to believe you've found the perfect connection, and you'll place each other and the relationship itself on pedestals. But it's just too easy to fall off a pedestal! You'll both be much better off if you can recognize that this relationship doesn't have to be perfect to deserve your devotion. In fact, it is perfect only in its imperfections.

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