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Jupiter conjunct Uranus

Enjoy the Ride

Kelli Fox

Freedom will be a key word between you. You'll need to give each other lots of space in which to be the unique individuals you are, and as a couple you're probably quite unusual, even bohemian. Of course, these qualities are probably in large part what will draw you together in the first place, so upholding them shouldn't be too hard.

This particular influence won't add much in the way of grounded energy or longevity. But what it lacks in those areas, you'll find in the excitement of adventure and discovery. New ideas and genuine self-expression will take on a lot of importance between you. You'll help each other to follow your own, most unique path, the one that's right for you and you only. There is the possibility that your paths will ultimately lead you away from each other; but if this happens, you'll both accept it, because you'll understand that you need to go where life leads you. Your best bet here is not to subject this connection to any expectations; instead, just find out where it leads and enjoy the ride.

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