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Jupiter conjunct Pluto

Positive Personal Changes

Kelli Fox

You'll both sense strongly that you've come together in order to realize some important goal, one that is related to positive growth and change. When your energies mix, they'll combine into something even more powerful than simply the sum of the two of you, and your drive to accomplish something will make great things happen. Neither one of you will come through this relationship unchanged; you'll both put energy and focus into becoming better versions of yourselves through loving one another.

Self-understanding and self-awareness will become natural values of your relationship, and you'll both work toward those as goals. You'll find that you work well together. You may also have particular luck with money; investments you make as a couple should go well, as long as you're careful in your behavior. Also be attentive to how you project yourselves to the world. If you come across as arrogant or unkind in some way, you'll end up turning against you people who could have been your allies. But in general, learning the lessons you want and need to learn should be an easy process, and the growth you achieve together should be a positive experience for you both.

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