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Jupiter conjunct Neptune

Spiritually Attuned

Kelli Fox

There will be a strong and definite spiritual side to your connection. You both could feel spiritually attuned as soon as you start getting to know each other, as if you've finally met the person who will help you awaken the secrets of your soul. This is certainly a lofty goal, but it's also quite an idealistic one, which means you'll need to focus on the more realistic, practical side of your connection as well.

You stand to learn a lot from each other within the realm of your emotions and your highest spiritual aims, but you could also lead one another down a decidedly less productive path if you allow yourselves to get too far away from a grounded perspective. If either of you has tendencies toward escapist behaviors, they could grow through the course of this relationship; escape from reality will be a strong theme of your bond. Try to make sure your escapes are enlightened ones, not ones that pull you away from the real world in a detrimental way. It's wonderful to revel in the uplifting optimism and delight you'll derive from this affair, but be sure you pay enough attention to the more physical, earthly, day-to-day side of life as well.

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