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VIP Membership grants you access to the personalized Forecast Calendar, your very own unique almanac that applies the current planetary influences to your natal or birth planets each and every day! This stellar phenomenon are what astrologers call transits, but the difference is that your transits are displayed in a familiar calendar format that’s only for you.


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About the personalized Forecast Calendar

The way that the transiting planets interact with your natal planets creates focal points of energy at various points in time and for multiple durations. Your transits correlate to assorted areas of your life that are highlighted by the category icons within the Forecast Calendar. These icons represent auspicious timing for your career, when to speak up, make a presentation or communicate, the best time to focus on fitness, take charge of money matters, rekindle or find new romance, host a party as well as advantageous timing for travel. Every one of your transits listed in the Forecast Calendar has an associated category icon which means your customized astrology has never before been as easy to understand or as simple to apply to your life.

For thousands of years, humankind have been using calendars and clocks to manage and schedule our time. It’s how we keep our lives and routines efficient and functioning. Now, imagine being able to use these ancient cosmic energies to your benefit. It’s like the secrets of the Universe are suddenly revealed via a familiar format exclusively for you. Use the Forecast Calendar for insight and guidance, help you make better informed decisions, anticipate problems before they occur and give you tools to cope with changes and life’s transitions. Best of all, the Forecast Calendar offers comfort in knowing there are wonderful days ahead.

What’s in the personalized Forecast Calendar?

The Forecast Calendar is packed with heavenly information! Each day box in the Forecast Calendar is split into two parts – the unshaded top half are the planetary influences affecting us all. Find out what sign the Moon is in each day and plan accordingly. Know when’s there’s a significant astral event such as an Eclipse, Equinox or Solstice and determine what it means. Track the monthly lunations and learn how the phases of the Moon can be influential in your own personal monthly cycles.

The shaded lower half are your personal planetary influences, and this is where it gets unique to you. Your Forecast Calendar is custom made exclusively for you. The transits and icons listed in the shaded area are yours alone. You can track when it’s a good time for various activities according to the transit and it’s correlating icon.

For in-depth information, all you need to do is roll-over the aspect or icon which will give you the duration of the influence and then click for the meaning. This functionality applies to all features of the Forecast Calendar but the best way to know what’s in it is to try it!

You can select your made-to-order online calendar for any time period you prefer. View the calendar one to twelve months ahead from the date you start/renew your subscription. All yours just a few clicks away.

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