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Venus Trine Uranus

Looking for the Unconventional.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: independent, unconventional, unreliable
Frequency: . Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

Folks feel more independent than usual during the course of this short transit and may do some surprising things. Some will go out of their way to meet new people, and often, the stranger the person, the better the connection. This is a good day to make such contacts.

A dramatic change in appearance is another way that a few people will manifest this energy. And many of us will fall in love with our computers all over again. What an amazing instrument! We’re on the lookout for something -- anything -- extraordinary in the love department, too. For folks who are coupled, any new trick in the bedroom that keeps things exciting and refreshed will do. For single folks, the social scene will fit the bill -- and don’t be surprised if the one who catches you eye is not at all your usual type. Any connection made during this time is likely to be very exciting, but not very long-lived.

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