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Venus Trine Mars

Love and Be Loved.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: charming, confident, enjoyable
Frequency: . Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

Life flows very smoothly for these few days, perhaps a little too smoothly. Don't get spoiled; it won’t last forever. Just a few days, in fact!

This transit helps us get what we want, so we need to be careful to identify what it is we truly want and need! This is a time to love and be loved. Sexual energy runs strong, but so does the need for simple physical affection and emotional connection. Right now we’re able to find the compromise between the urgent desire for contact and the rules of society. We’re both confident and charming, creating the perfect conditions for schmoozing. Calling upon our dynamic inner diplomat will be very effective now, too, as will any efforts toward mediation and compromise. Physical work engaged in creative pursuits is most valuable. Our efforts pay off. Try dancing, even if you’re alone. Especially if you’re alone!

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