Venus-Sun Aspects

Venus Conjunct Sun

Love Is in the Air.

Keywords: affectionate, attractive, appealing

This is the perfect time to reach out and touch someone. Whether it’s social networking, batting your eyelashes at someone you’re attracted to or mending fences, today’s astro-weather practically guarantees success. The gentle urge to come together, get along and find common ground pulls people of all persuasions toward each other in understanding and acceptance. The focus is on social contact, expressing affection and having a good time. No one will feel like working, and we definitely won’t want to argue; we want to get along with everyone and live the sweet, easy life for a few days. So have a party, go out with friends, make a new friend and enjoy being with someone else. Share feelings, emotion and affection. This is also a wonderful day for creative pursuits and for improving your appearance. Remember, though, beauty is only skin deep. Develop inner as well as outer beauty.

Venus conjunct Sun in the Compatibility Chart

Venus conjunct Sun in the Transit Chart

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