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Venus Square Saturn

Checks and Balances.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: anxiety, pessimism, coldness
Frequency: . Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

For a few short days, minor depression or sorrow may cloud our perceptions; we may feel anxious and pessimistic. Nothing seems to go right -- or is it just the way we’re looking at the world right now? We may feel that we have a lot of love to give, but no one seems to want it.

This transit can be hard on relationships. Feelings of inadequacy or isolation can trouble us. We may even feel temporarily unlovable. Some folks will respond to these emotions by trying to control others or being overly critical. Find at least one thing in your life that’s going well. This is a great time to balance the checkbook or realign the budget. We want to track where every penny goes so we can improve our financial outlook. For those who feel they have to choose between love and work -- hey, at least work gives a real, tangible paycheck.

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