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Venus Sextile Mars

Party Time!

Kelli Fox

Keywords: pleasure, reciprocity, magnetism
Frequency: . Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

What a great time to throw a party or to attend any type of impromptu social event. A good time will be had by all. This transit is much more amenable to play than to work so if possible, take a day or two off from the daily grind.

We feel friendly and affectionate today, assertive but not aggressive, and there’s plenty of animal magnetism in the air. Just about everyone is in an excellent mood, and we’re all skillfully making those connections that can seem like such a struggle at other times. Right now, we give and receive with equal skill. Emotional and sexual needs are coordinated to create or enhance successful relationships, especially ones in which physical attraction is already in place. We’re in a space to appreciate others' skills and contributions and to let them know about it. For all these reasons, negotiations go very well and diplomacy is certainly a better route than arguments or ultimatums.

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