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Venus Opposite Saturn

Difficult Choices.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: inhibitions, responsibilities, frugality
Frequency: . Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

Negotiations are tricky at this time and difficult choices must be made. We can compromise without feeling that we are the loser. Everyone gives up something, but they also get something in return.

Duties and obligations preclude social activities right now. Many of us end up staying late at work. When someone there gives us their honest appraisal of our work, we should pause and listen. This is a gift. Money feels tight at this time, too, so we may have to survive on less than usual. We can actually take pride in this Spartan existence. It's amazing how little a person really needs to get by, especially on a temporary basis. We’re capable of saying no to ourselves just to say no. So this is the thing they call self-discipline! It’s probably best simply to stop feeling sorry for yourself. Pick yourself up by the bootstraps and get moving. Any pessimistic energy will soon pass.

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