Venus-Mercury Aspects

Venus Conjunct Mercury

Words of Love.

Keywords: expressive, romantic, loving

Minds and hearts merge for several days during the course of this transit. The mood is romantic and we can be much more articulate in expressing our emotions than normal. Any form of creative communication is highlighted: love letters and cards, phone calls, emails, poems, music, name it, it’ll be effective. In fact, this is an excellent time to develop any type of relationship, not just romantic ones. People feel more flexible than usual, so negotiations go well and contracts are favorable for both parties. We seek win-win situations. We’d rather be diplomatic than combative. The rules that govern social interactions seem to make sense now. People conduct themselves with courtesy and decorum. We’re polite, well-mannered and cooperative. It’s a shame we can’t always behave this well!

Venus conjunct Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Venus conjunct Mercury in the Transit Chart

Venus Sextile Mercury

Smooth Conversations.

Keywords: attuned to beauty, socially graceful, loving thoughts

Relationships and communications flow smoothly for a few days. We express ourselves genuinely and with a sensitivity for our listeners. We’re feeling cooperative and inclusive, with an innate grasp of social conventions. Our speech is polished and articulate, our emotions soft and warm. This is a very idealistic time, when we hope for the best and possibly avoid looking at the worst-case scenario. A strong creative urge may move some people to take up their paintbrushes, get the guitar out of the case or do some creative writing. Beauty speaks to us in ways that we normally can’t hear, so looking at art books or going to a museum is favored during the several days of this transit. Social interactions of all types go very well now, so plan a date or a party.

Venus sextile Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Venus sextile Mercury in the Transit Chart

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