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Venus Conjunct Pluto

How Deep Is Your Love?

Kelli Fox

Keywords: possessiveness, manipulation, fascination
Frequency: . Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

How deep is your love? You're going to find out, for better or for worse. This transit is renowned for bringing jealousy and greed right to the surface, from their depths in our psychological history.

Let’s consider jealousy. For those in committed relationships, even if we have no reason to distrust our partners, we may feel as though we can't let them out of our sight or we have to know everything they're doing. These are sure signs we need to relax, let go and develop inner trust. Those feelings are coming from us, not them. People who don’t have a sweetheart may find themselves filled with sexual energy. Talk about distracting! Amazingly, all that lower-chakra mojo can be redirected into other areas, with incredible results. We've got plenty of self-control; we just have to use it! How about turning that drive and intensity toward earning some money? Resources flow today, be they inner or outer.

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