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Venus Conjunct Mars

Is it Love or Is it Lust?

Kelli Fox

Keywords: passionate, balanced, affectionate
Frequency: . Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

Love -- or is it lust? -- is in the air for the duration of this affectionate, sexy transit. If meeting new romantic partners is the goal, go for it now.

Fresh connections bloom into full-blown attachment. Established relationships feel the heat too, in a steamy-window sort of way. It’s the perfect combination of loving and sexy, receptive and assertive, so role-playing and even role reversals can lend tremendous excitement to the moment. Can’t stop thinking about sex? You won’t be the only one, not by a long shot! And everyone seems to be exuding powerful animal magnetism. It’s not easy to resist such charm, warmth and eroticism. On a more social level, we aren’t afraid to act, yet we’re aware of how we affect others. This helps us to be attentive without being overbearing; affectionate, but not aggressive. It’s a great time to apply enormous physical energy to creative or value-building experiences.

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