Uranus-Venus Aspects

Uranus Conjunct Venus

Liberation through Love.

Keywords: impetuous, kinky, commitment-phobic

Some wild and crazy things can happen when these two planets hook up. Liberation through -- or from -- love is the theme for several days. We don’t particularly care what others think right now; we’re in the mood for something different. We often feel strong attraction toward someone who wouldn't usually catch our eye. Even if a connection is made, don't expect it to last. Relationships that begin under this influence are usually dramatic but short-lived and their primary purpose is to shake us out of our stupor. As an alternative, try something new with a longtime partner and refresh your love life. Socializing with friends instead of lovers gives us the freedom we seek without risking any relationships. For artistic types, the creative streak is powerful and original now and deserves full expression. There are lots of ways to use this freewheeling, impulsive power. Just don’t hurt anyone.

Uranus conjunct Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus conjunct Venus in the Transit Chart

Uranus Sextile Venus

Creative Burst.

Keywords: playful, restless, flirtatious

Here’s hoping we can all take some time off work in the next day or two and participate in some of the fun types of activities this transit suggests. Head off to the video arcade for a few games or play video games at home. Visit a museum of modern art -- it will make more sense than it ever has before. A party would be nice, too, one with a wide variety of people from all over the world and all walks of life. Everyone will seem so interesting! Folks feel playful and flirtatious right now, if a little restless. Fortunately, a simple change in routine can make all the difference. Artists, musicians and artisans all receive incredible flashes of creative insight. The smart ones will draw, sketch or record their ideas so they can’t possibly get lost. For anyone in a romantic relationship, now’s the time to mix it up a little bit with a new toy. It keeps things interesting!

Uranus sextile Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus sextile Venus in the Transit Chart

Uranus Square Venus

A change in routine.

Keywords: disruptive, unstable, finicky

A change in routine is a good way to ward off the potentially disruptive and unstable energy this transit brings. Try wearing something totally different than usual today and gleefully observe others’ reactions in a detached way, since who cares what they think anyway? Take a different route to work or try a new restaurant. Concentration wanes as one distraction after another crosses the desk -- or our vision. Unexpected bursts of insight and energy leave can leave us rattled by lunch time. This isn’t such a good day for negotiations or conflict resolution, either. Folks feel willful and unyielding. ‘Because I want to’ becomes a good enough reason to do anything, an attitude that doesn’t lend itself to compromise or cooperation. Romance is equally dicey. No one seems to appreciate our quirky ways of showing affection. We could be tempted to wander but this rarely brings the hoped-for results.

Uranus square Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus square Venus in the Transit Chart

Uranus Trine Venus

Looking for the Unconventional.

Keywords: independent, unconventional, unreliable

Folks feel more independent than usual during the course of this short transit and may do some surprising things. Some will go out of their way to meet new people, and often, the stranger the person, the better the connection. This is a good day to make such contacts. A dramatic change in appearance is another way that a few people will manifest this energy. And many of us will fall in love with our computers all over again. What an amazing instrument! We’re on the lookout for something -- anything -- extraordinary in the love department, too. For folks who are coupled, any new trick in the bedroom that keeps things exciting and refreshed will do. For single folks, the social scene will fit the bill -- and don’t be surprised if the one who catches you eye is not at all your usual type. Any connection made during this time is likely to be very exciting, but not very long-lived.

Uranus trine Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus trine Venus in the Transit Chart

Uranus Opposite Venus

Unbearably Restless.

Keywords: tension, impulsiveness, upsets

Many folks feel unbearably restless, bored and dissatisfied during the course of this transit. Everyone wants to feel different and unique. And when just about everyone is feeling that way, things could get dicey. Try something out of the ordinary but not too shocking. At work, strange impulses and ideas don’t win any favors with our superiors. Maybe we should keep those crazy thoughts to ourselves. On the other hand, some of our ideas are positively prophetic now. But which ones? Life in the romance department may not be any easier. We’re too easily inappropriately aroused or attracted to someone we’d ordinarily sneer at. Some people throw caution to the wind and engage in risky behavior under this influence. Rarely does this have the desired effect. Impetuous behavior can hurt the pocketbook, too. Leave the credit card at home today, because an impulsive purchase made now may later be upsetting.

Uranus opposite Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus opposite Venus in the Transit Chart

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