Uranus-Moon Aspects

Uranus Conjunct Moon

Anything Goes.

Keywords: erratic, unpredictable, changeable

Anything goes for the few hours when the Moon meets up with unpredictable Uranus each month. Folks feel nervous, jumpy and erratic. There are people who are likely to take some pretty surprising, unpredictable actions as an outlet for this quirky energy. We’re excitable and prone to doing things we don’t ordinarily do; we’re also more open to risk-taking. This energy can actually be quite refreshing if we don’t allow it to become disruptive. However, on an emotional level we’re likely to feel disconnected or detached from others, and not very patient. Instead of offending anyone, become one with your computer.

Uranus conjunct Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus Sextile Moon

Time for Something New.

Keywords: exciting, refreshed, communicative

It’s time to try something a little new, adventurous or even risky under this exciting, refreshing and all-too-brief transit. Time itself will seem to go a little bit faster, and when we check the clock we’ll be surprised to see how late it is. Animated chatter fills our ears. Phone calls and emails flow. There’s a buzz in the air. Now, don’t try anything too out-there. Wearing a new and daring outfit, taking a different route to work or trying out a new place for lunch -- especially someplace new and trendy -- should be enough to satisfy the urgings of this fun influence.

Uranus sextile Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus Square Moon

Roller Coaster Emotions.

Keywords: insensitive, impulsive, erratic

People can feel downright irritable for the few hours that this transit lasts; they pretty much want to be left to their own devices. Interference or, heaven forbid, actual instruction could be met with defiance or a standoffish glare. Most folks aren’t particularly compassionate at this moment, or in the mood to feel anyone else’s pain. This is a poor time to try to make an emotional contact with anyone. A few people among us may succumb to impulsive, abrupt, not well-thought-out actions, which they’ll later regret. Knowing that most people are fairly insensitive right now helps us avoid taking offense.

Uranus square Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus Trine Moon


Keywords: adventurous, spontaneous, unique

Well, aren’t we bright-eyed and bushy-tailed! Curiosity and spontaneity drive this fun, upbeat transit, which only lasts for a few hours. Energy runs high and folks don’t feel like sitting still. Getting out and trying something new has much more appeal and some people will get very imaginative when it comes to fulfilling these urges. It’s an excellent day for an adventure. Intuition is highly attuned at this time, which leads to plenty of ‘ah-ha!’ experiences. We’re fairly detached from our emotions and can get some distance from them now, which is a refreshing change of pace.

Uranus trine Moon in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus Opposite Moon

The Grumpies.

Keywords: detached, moody, irritable

This is probably the worst time of the month to try to make a personal or emotional connection with anyone else. Most people are feeling rather peevish for these few hours. We’re not in the mood for polite conversation or for enduring any type of social niceties; instead, we want to be left alone. We’re irritable. Grumpy, even. We’re oversensitive and feel bombarded by invisible vibrations. And we’re not wrong about that -- those vibes are always there, but right now we feel them more than usual. We could easily do something quirky and then blame it on the other guy. Thank goodness this transit is so short-lived.

Uranus opposite Moon in the Compatibility Chart

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