Uranus-Mercury Aspects

Uranus Conjunct Mercury

Mental Stimulation.

Keywords: innovative, clever, unusual

Our minds are strongly stimulated under this brief but intense transit as everything seems to speed up to a faster pace than usual. We should keep a notebook close by at all times so we can carefully record all those brilliant flashes of insight we receive under this refreshing and perceptive influence. Forget mental discipline for a few days; this is all about thinking outside the box and coming up with innovative, futuristic ideas. Information comes from intuitive rather than academic sources. Unorthodox, even rebellious concepts suddenly appear and independent thinking is most favored. At the end of the day, our brains are fried with too much stimulation, but they’re still buzzing with nervous energy. Getting to sleep could be a real challenge. Instead of staying up late playing games online, try a soothing bath, a banana and warm milk.

Uranus conjunct Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus conjunct Mercury in the Transit Chart

Uranus Sextile Mercury

Take a Novel Approach.

Keywords: curious, creative, funny

It’s time to take a novel approach to an old problem. Experimental projects, innovative developments and progressive ideas put us much further ahead than staid, static thinking. Stretching the mind toward something new opens up the door to mental inspiration and brilliant solutions. Sharp minds can’t get fooled today; perceptions are too keen and thought processes too speedy. Plus, no one is afraid to speak up, so we may hear from those who don’t ordinarily contribute. Independent thinking attracts some, but repels others. Use humor to deflect unwanted advice but don’t be too dismissive or curt. Curiosity and creativity may lead to wandering minds, but on a day like today this is actually very productive. If the brain is working too fast to keep up with all your ideas, make a list and focus on it. This is a good day for study and mental development because we’re more willing to accept unconventional ideas and concepts than usual.

Uranus sextile Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus sextile Mercury in the Transit Chart

Uranus Square Mercury

Feeling Anxious and Impatient.

Keywords: easily bored, rebellious, contrary

Be extra careful when driving or even walking around today. Accidents can happen easily under this general influence, and momentary lapses of attention or being in too much of a hurry can lead to unpleasant incidents. In other words, everyone else is as easily distracted -- and annoyed -- as you are. Short attention spans give us the tendency to drop a task before it’s finished, much to the annoyance of those depending upon us. To counteract this propensity to mentally run off in all directions at once, it’s a good idea to schedule lots of different tasks for ourselves so we don't get bored. Speaking in simple words and short sentences helps head off the miscommunications that can easily occur now. It’s easy to get upset and start yelling. Instead, laugh if something disrupts your carefully laid plans. It can't be helped, so it's best just to move on.

Uranus square Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus square Mercury in the Transit Chart

Uranus Trine Mercury

New Layers of Meaning.

Keywords: stimulating, interesting, inspired

Days like this are few and far between. Our minds are strongly stimulated, and we grasp new concepts and are much more open than usual to innovative ideas. Intellectual pioneering pays off in spades. We may experience radical inspiration and find fresh insight by looking at an old pattern or idea in a new way. Provocative suggestions and unorthodox concepts crack open our perceptions, revealing layers of meaning we’ve never before considered. Mental pizzaz is ours for the taking, and this refreshing state of mind can lighten up a tense situation as well as deflect boredom. While we are prone to mental agility and original, brilliant breakthroughs, remember that thinking too far outside the box can alienate others. Try to keep ideas meaningful to mere earthlings. This is a good time to break out of our usual routines. We’ll find it not only very refreshing but also inspiring.

Uranus trine Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus trine Mercury in the Transit Chart

Uranus Opposite Mercury

Rebellious Communications.

Keywords: scattered, impetuous, erratic

Concentration is going to be difficult today, so it’s best not to expect too much from ourselves or each other in that department. Communications will be equally challenging as some of us seem to develop foot-in-mouth disease while others purposefully contradict any little thing we disagree with. We can’t seem to let anything slide. We’re also likely to blurt things out without thinking and then have to deal with the aftermath. The normal mental filters are taking a vacation today. You’ll observe that some people like to shock others just for the effect. Don’t be part of that scene, unless you want to make some new enemies. It’s okay to play the devil's advocate now, but try not to interrupt anyone else as you make your point. Mental strain or fatigue is a common result of this high-strung, impatient energy. Don’t let the slowpokes get you down, either. That could be you tomorrow!

Uranus opposite Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus opposite Mercury in the Transit Chart

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