Uranus-Mars Aspects

Uranus Conjunct Mars

On the Edge.

Keywords: unstable, unreliable, impatient

‘We do what we want’ is our mantra during the unsettled two weeks of this every-other-year transit. Our attitude won't win any friends but it will influence people -- usually to avoid us. Now imagine what happens when everyone is feeling the same impatient, willful influence. Look around to get actual, real-life examples. We want to be different and will stop at nothing to prove it. We'll say anything to anyone, the more shocking the better -- and this is a dangerous attitude in the delicate world of relationships. We feel angry for no apparent reason, restless and abrupt. Our wild energy is best directed toward an athletic event or the political arena. A focused outlet is important; otherwise, our discontent can turn into temper tantrums, outrageous and unexpected behavior or just plain unreliability. Silly risks can lead to sudden accidents. One thing’s for sure: Everyone wants to be themselves, unique, individual and free.

Uranus conjunct Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus conjunct Mars in the Transit Chart

Uranus Sextile Mars

Fools Rush In.

Keywords: impulse, instinct, freedom

This can be a very refreshing time, when we can receive sudden insight that enables us to break out of the rut we’ve been in or provides a solution to some problem that’s been troubling us. What a relief! We think outside of the box for the two weeks of this transit and the innovative ideas we brainstorm can save the day. This is a good time to interact with people we don't ordinarily hang out with. They give us some very interesting things to think about. We say what’s on our minds now and once everyone else gets over the shock, they see the value in what we said. Eccentrics are right at home with this energy, which is restless, impulsive and independent. Somehow life seems like more of an adventure now and we all feel a little more daring. We release our inner freedom fighter, but let’s be very careful about what we're fighting for.

Uranus sextile Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus sextile Mars in the Transit Chart

Uranus Square Mars

Thunder and Lightning.

Keywords: detached, rebellious, uncaring

This is an intense two-week period when anger erupts, tempers flare and intensely unpleasant events can occur. We can hardly believe the experiences we’re having or seeing. We turn on the news only to find story after story of explosions, violence, unrest and revolution. So it's not personal -- everyone is getting a dose of the same harsh, willful, contentious energy. Things we've put up with for too long suddenly become intolerable. We become impulsive and rebellious and often overreact to the slightest provocation. We’ve got no patience for anyone and we can't conceal it. Our fuse has seldom been shorter, nor have we been so headstrong. Let anyone just try to challenge us. They'll be sorry! This detached, abrupt energy can be downright dangerous. We just don't care what anybody else thinks. With this kind of mood so prevalent, we’re probably best staying away from other people as much as possible. The less disruption and upset, the better.

Uranus square Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus square Mars in the Transit Chart

Uranus Trine Mars


Keywords: adventurous, original, self-discovery

This two-week period can be a fun-filled adventure, if we’re willing to take things into our own hands. This transit asks us to act independently and autonomously. We want to be like heroes, pioneering our way across the frontier. Fortunately there is plenty to keep us busy. We experience an ingenious breakthrough on a problem we've been gnawing on for a long time, or we may have some other original ideas that we want to try out now. We’re polite when we ask others to give us space. This adventurous spirit leads us to unexpected and rewarding places; it opens the doors to the future. Speaking of which, we simply can't resist the latest innovation in the technology field right now. What will they think of next? A burst of physical energy tempts us to do twice our normal exercise routine. Rather than overextending ourselves, trying a new or unusual form of exercise would be more appropriate.

Uranus trine Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus trine Mars in the Transit Chart

Uranus Opposite Mars

Fight or Flight.

Keywords: upsetting, rebellious, irritable

Authority issues, temper tantrums and unexpected confrontations are part and parcel of this two-week transit that challenges our independence and often makes us feel openly rebellious. Unfortunately, ‘You're not the boss of me!’ doesn't go over too well on the job. We’re just asking to be put in our place -- and often, we get what we ask for, in a rather upsetting or humiliating way. Impatience keeps us running from one place to another, always missing the boat and never getting where we want to go. We’re constantly in the ‘fight or flight’ mode. That much adrenaline isn't good for us! But if that person driving in front of us moves any slower, we're going to scream. Breathe and try to refrain from sarcastic remarks or road rage. And here’s a warning: Let’s all use extreme caution with electrical devices that heat up -- hair dryers, glue guns, hot plates and the like. If we aren’t careful, we could get burned or have some other type of accident under this tricky energy.

Uranus opposite Mars in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus opposite Mars in the Transit Chart

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