Uranus-Jupiter Aspects

Uranus Conjunct Jupiter

A Powerful Need for Freedom.

Keywords: rebellious, freedom-seeking, people-loving

This freedom-loving pair comes together only once every fourteen years. In 2010, they join up at 0 degrees Aries, the beginning of the topical zodiac and a most important point that indicates an overt connection with public awareness. Of course, Aries is another sign that needs freedom and independence, so this conjunction will surely make a mark on our consciousness. A period of inspired genius is indicated; we’re light years ahead of our time. Difficult as it may be, it’s important to record our creative and original ideas for the future, as time will prove the genius of our concepts. We’re inspired. The ideas just don't stop coming. We’re on a figurative (or perhaps literal!) spaceship, seeking the proverbial bleeding edge, extending our experience and knowledge of the universe. Sometimes it's hard to hang on out here! We can count on an explosion of technological inventions and innovations, and progressive ideas designed to improve the future for all humanity. We discover totally outrageous, innovative and ultra-simple solutions to chronic problems. Jaws drop. Now, why didn't we think of that before?

Uranus conjunct Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus conjunct Jupiter in the Transit Chart

Uranus Sextile Jupiter

A Lucky Break.

Keywords: unconventional, adventurous, open-minded

This relatively rare transit offers us a unique opportunity to develop progressive ideas, unconventional concepts and creative technology that will help ensure the freedom of people around the world. Tolerance and personal liberty are the most noticeable manifestations of this planetary combination. Independence and freedom are key concepts here and the best way to ensure them is through nonconformist thinking, unbridled curiosity, thinking outside the box and listening to the sudden flashes of insight this transit produces. Following the winding path of our interests not only leads us into unknown territory -- quite an adventure in and of itself -- but also opens the doors to make discoveries that can make a difference for people totally outside our sphere of influence. We like to feel ‘different’ at this time; we may even hang around with really conservative people to make ourselves look more unique than we actually are. The siren song of risk and adventure sometimes leads us to areas we hardly expect. Make the most of these experiences.

Uranus sextile Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus sextile Jupiter in the Transit Chart

Uranus Square Jupiter

Disruptive Freedom.

Keywords: willful, erratic, impulsive

‘That's the way it's always been done’ means nothing to us during the course of this infrequent transit. In fact, it's all the more reason to do it differently. The more outrageous the suggestion or newfangled the idea, the greater its appeal. We tend to be so willfully individualistic at this time that no one else can relate. It’s almost as if we’re not getting along on purpose. We have radical ideas and grand visions of Utopia, but these concepts are rooted in a need to be rebellious, contrary and reactionary, rather than in any type of grounded reality. Listening is almost out of the question for the duration of this transit. Our heads are already spinning with so many ideas that we can’t possibly absorb one more. We find ourselves impulsively interrupting when others are talking, in our impatient excitement to convey our own exciting, unique ideas. Personal freedom is a huge issue right now and we cling to it tenaciously. We can't stand it when anyone tells us what to do. And if we think we're beyond the law, we're in for a shocking surprise.

Uranus square Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus square Jupiter in the Transit Chart

Uranus Trine Jupiter

Ahead of Our Time.

Keywords: exciting, progressive, open-minded

During the course of this rare and special transit, we are exceptionally future-oriented and visionary. We experience incredible flashes of insight that increase our picture of what the future can and should look like, and it’s a fairly Utopian vision. Our minds absorb knowledge at an unprecedented rate and all types of technological innovations make their appearance, many of which have the distinct purpose of improving life for the masses. On an individual level, we may invent a tool or program that saves us a lot of time and effort. A sense of discovery and breaking through barriers opens up whole new fields of knowledge for us. We act with freedom and independence at this time, insisting that this basic human right is crucial in re-envisioning the world. We are not afraid to say what we see and this vision can literally shake people awake. Our perceptions are keen and we see things in ways we haven’t before. We're open, tolerant, fair and funny. A refreshing sense of humor and radical way of seeing things lightens us up.

Uranus trine Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus trine Jupiter in the Transit Chart

Uranus Opposite Jupiter

Willful and Detached.

Keywords: outrageous, detachment, contrary

This rare transit indicates a buildup of tension and a sudden release. Avoid discussions about religion and politics during the course of this influence, which only rolls around once every fourteen years. Such conversations are far more likely to result in dispute than in any kind of increased understanding or compromise. Our tendency is to zealously defend our own position without considering any other opinions. We’d rather be right than learn something. Let’s say, for instance, that a master in our profession comes for a visit. Instead of listening, we spout all our controversial ideas in front of the crowd, ones that directly oppose the expert’s. We take the contrary position just to to spark a ‘discussion.’ Some of us may even enjoy picking fights with the opposition; when everyone gets riled up, we take off. Wouldn’t it be much better to shut up, listen and learn? We have radical ideas and grand visions of Utopia, but these concepts are rooted in the need to be rebellious, contrary and reactionary, rather than in any type of grounded reality. Extreme and outrageous behavior is very likely during this time.

Uranus opposite Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

Uranus opposite Jupiter in the Transit Chart

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