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Uranus Conjunct Venus

Liberation through Love.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: impetuous, kinky, commitment-phobic
Frequency: . Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

Some wild and crazy things can happen when these two planets hook up. Liberation through -- or from -- love is the theme for several days. We don’t particularly care what others think right now; we’re in the mood for something different.

We often feel strong attraction toward someone who wouldn't usually catch our eye. Even if a connection is made, don't expect it to last. Relationships that begin under this influence are usually dramatic but short-lived and their primary purpose is to shake us out of our stupor. As an alternative, try something new with a longtime partner and refresh your love life. Socializing with friends instead of lovers gives us the freedom we seek without risking any relationships. For artistic types, the creative streak is powerful and original now and deserves full expression. There are lots of ways to use this freewheeling, impulsive power. Just don’t hurt anyone.

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