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Uranus Conjunct Mars

On the Edge.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: unstable, unreliable, impatient
Frequency: Once every two years. Duration: 20 Days (half deg. per day average)

‘We do what we want’ is our mantra during the unsettled two weeks of this every-other-year transit. Our attitude won't win any friends but it will influence people -- usually to avoid us. Now imagine what happens when everyone is feeling the same impatient, willful influence.

Look around to get actual, real-life examples. We want to be different and will stop at nothing to prove it. We'll say anything to anyone, the more shocking the better -- and this is a dangerous attitude in the delicate world of relationships. We feel angry for no apparent reason, restless and abrupt. Our wild energy is best directed toward an athletic event or the political arena. A focused outlet is important; otherwise, our discontent can turn into temper tantrums, outrageous and unexpected behavior or just plain unreliability. Silly risks can lead to sudden accidents. One thing’s for sure: Everyone wants to be themselves, unique, individual and free.

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