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Sun Square Uranus

Impatient and Abrupt.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: unpredictable, unstable, indiscreet
Frequency: Twice (each) a year. Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

If you woke up feeling irritable or restless this morning, you’re certainly not alone. The astro-weather is affecting us all with its strong, unpredictable energy. People feel like doing what they want, and hang the consequences.

Willful behavior is certain to be on display somewhere nearby. Defiance and indiscretion, too. Disruptions to the daily routine are likely and no one has the patience to deal with them. We shouldn’t let impatience get the best of us, because accidents can happen quickly under this potentially dramatic energy, abruptly changing plans or even lives. No one wants to feel pinned down now; most of us will instinctively resist being told what to do. No matter how much risk we feel like taking today, we shouldn’t do anything we’ll regret later. We can take things into our own hands by varying our usual schedule, which may provide sufficient outlet for this energy.

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