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Sun Sextile Saturn

Focus and Endurance.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: patient, levelheaded, practical
Frequency: Twice (each) a year. Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

Self-discipline and patient hard work pay off with today’s cosmic support. We feel more organized and competent than usual, more able to concentrate and focus for long periods of time and to sort out priorities. Vitality and energy are directed toward achieving practical goals, and there’s no better time to buckle down and make some really good, solid progress on long-term projects.

Individuals can work well by themselves, but this is also a great time to advance professional and business interests with others, because everyone is in a very sensible, practical frame of mind. Now’s the period to develop a long-term plan, complete with time frames, goals and a step-by-step process for achieving them. Be sure to document the goals and plans you create this week; this list will serve as a great blueprint for organizing your work in the months to come.

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