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Sun Opposite Uranus

A Change of Plans.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: abrupt, unreliable, unstable
Frequency: Once a year. Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

There’s a jittery, high-strung, nervous quality to this day. People pretty much do what they want to do, without considering whom their actions might affect. This leads directly to confrontations, standoffs and ruffled feathers.

Certainly no one wants to be told what to do; in fact, direct instructions are almost certain to spark a defiant, or at least rebellious, reaction. This isn’t the best day for making dates or social engagements, either, for such plans are likely to be broken abruptly. We have to make an effort not to let impatience get the best of us, because accidents can happen quickly under this potentially dramatic energy, changing plans or even lives in the blink of an eye. Unexpected separations can also occur today, if people take impulsive action on ideas that have been simmering for ages. The status quo just won't do anymore.

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