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Sun Opposite Neptune

Partly Confusing, with a Chance of Fog.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: intuitive, delusional, confusing
Frequency: Once a year. Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

Don’t worry, everyone else is feeling just as confused and unmotivated as you are. The astro-weather forecast is partly cloudy, with a chance of fog and a very low energy level. Our skin is just a bit too thin now so our feelings are easily hurt; we’re rather like sponges, absorbing energy indiscriminately, whether it’s positive or negative.

So why frustrate ourselves by trying to get anything done? Whenever possible, we should all take a break from business and other projects and get a little alone time. Reading, naps and movies are all great ways to stimulate the imagination while passing the time until we’re more clear-headed. Meditation and any type of spiritual practice are also beneficial. And if we feel the unavoidable urge to escape, let’s do it with headphones or an art book instead of drugs, alcohol or other addictive behaviors.

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