Sun-Mercury Aspects

Sun Conjunct Mercury

It’s All in the Mind.

Keywords: intellectual, communicative, chatty

Mental activities of all sorts are highly favored now, and we’re able to express ourselves clearly and authentically. For the most part, we are in a clear state of mind now, and good listeners, too, although we may be overly rational and not emotional enough in our perceptions. This is an excellent time for writing of all sorts: journaling, articles, stories (both fiction and nonfiction), books, blogs, letters and correspondences. Take the opportunity to read, study, do research and delve into the most interesting areas. Not only will we be able to learn, we’ll be able to teach, too. There is a playful energy in the air, so games of all sorts, particularly word games and puzzles, are more fun than usual. Reach out, network, meet people and form relationships. But don’t try to pin anyone down; they could change their mind at any moment!

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