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Sun Conjunct Uranus

Breaking Out.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: spontaneous, unusual, unstable
Frequency: Once a year. Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

The vibe that’s influencing us all this week is a strange and interesting one, and although it may be momentarily tempting to toss aside the life we know and love, The Astrologer does not recommend making any permanent changes right now! It’s true that we will see things in a new way, and this can be quite exciting...but it can also be disruptive and unstable. It is a good time to free oneself from unnecessary constraints and advance one’s most radical ideas.

Reforms and updates go smoothly today. The most progressive and innovative concepts seem perfectly normal. And we shouldn’t let the excitable energy of this period pass by completely unobserved. Especially for folks who tend to live by routine (which can be a nice way of saying they’re in a rut), this period could be really fun -- and it just might turn out to be the kick in the pants they need to get things going in a new direction.

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