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Sun Conjunct Neptune

Dream the Day Away.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: idealistic, compassionate, need boundaries
Frequency: Once a year. Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

It’s going to be quite difficult for any of us to concentrate on our work today. In fact, focus will be in short supply for a couple of days. Instead of attention to detail there will be mental escapes, daydreams and fantasies; rather than practical realities there will be infinite possibilities.

There is no inherent problem with this dreamy, ungrounded energy; it just doesn’t mix very well with the responsibilities of the workaday world. If only the entire planet could take a vacation for a day or two -- loll around in bed, visit an art museum, listen to fine music or go to the movies. All of these activities are highly favored under this fluid, flowing influence. We are more sensitive in every way -- physically, emotionally and intuitively -- which means we’ll easily take on other people’s negativity. Meditation, spiritual practices and expressing oneself creatively are the most effective things to do at this time.

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