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Sun Conjunct Mars

Cosmic Energy Surge.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: assertive, aggressive, confident
Frequency: Once a year. Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

Did you wake up early today, raring to go? If so, you’re under the influence of the cosmic energy surge that’s pulsing over the planet. And so is everyone else!

We’re all chomping at the bit today, jumping early out of the gate and galloping headlong down the track, heedless of others. Sound kinda dangerous? It could be -- or it could just be exciting. Fortunately, with awareness, we can utilize this forcefulness by boldly initiating projects, courageously taking action and doing things that only we can do. Be careful, however. Even if we are acting consciously, it’s a sure bet that others aren’t; they could react to this energy by bullying, arguing and trying to force their way on everyone else. Assertiveness can quickly turn into aggression; risk-taking and road rage will be rampant. Direct this excess energy in the right direction by getting plenty of exercise. The challenge here is to be courageous and daring without antagonizing others.

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