Saturn-Venus Aspects

Saturn Conjunct Venus

Intimacy Is Difficult.

Keywords: grounded, pessimistic, hopeless

For several days, we may allow pessimism and hopelessness to overtake us. Why is life so bitter and unfair? It can be hard to get out of this mindset. Thank goodness this transit is a brief one! Relationships based on duty and obligation may be highlighted. We can't escape them, so the best course of action is simply to respectfully submit. Another option: Instead of focusing on relationships, look outside yourself. This is a good time to seek out an older person for companionship and counsel. Their wisdom comforts us and our attention sustains them. Giving form to creative expression also works; this is better known as manifesting one’s creativity. Visit a walled garden, attend a musical concert or go to an art museum. Any type of organized, structured yet creative place is a wonderful expression of this energy. Keep a tight grip on your pocketbook, though. There’s no money to spare.

Saturn conjunct Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn conjunct Venus in the Transit Chart

Saturn Sextile Venus

Realistic Perception.

Keywords: practical, realistic, sober

We actually enjoy work for the duration of this transit, even if we ordinarily consider it a total drag. We can get a lot done and feel good about it. Work and labor are a good focus for this energy, because relationships may not go as smoothly. Our affections are strong, but circumstances may limit our ability to express them. Rather than belabor the negative, find a practical and sensible way to realize your creative energy. Once we have defined what we want, we can chart our course and implement a step-by-step plan to achieve our goals, both financial and work-related. Start a savings account and be on the lookout for earning opportunities and other ways to make money. Friendships can develop at this time, too. Give attention to maintaining and building your oldest friendships; they are more valuable than gold.

Saturn sextile Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn sextile Venus in the Transit Chart

Saturn Square Venus

Checks and Balances.

Keywords: anxiety, pessimism, coldness

For a few short days, minor depression or sorrow may cloud our perceptions; we may feel anxious and pessimistic. Nothing seems to go right -- or is it just the way we’re looking at the world right now? We may feel that we have a lot of love to give, but no one seems to want it. This transit can be hard on relationships. Feelings of inadequacy or isolation can trouble us. We may even feel temporarily unlovable. Some folks will respond to these emotions by trying to control others or being overly critical. Find at least one thing in your life that’s going well. This is a great time to balance the checkbook or realign the budget. We want to track where every penny goes so we can improve our financial outlook. For those who feel they have to choose between love and work -- hey, at least work gives a real, tangible paycheck.

Saturn square Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn square Venus in the Transit Chart

Saturn Trine Venus

Love and Money.

Keywords: grounded, sensible, loyal

Relationships and finances are highlighted by this short transit. We feel grounded and sensible at this time, ready to finally open that savings account or commit to another person in some capacity, whether romantically or otherwise. Begin by helping out someone in need. Make it real: Carry groceries, do some gardening, hang up pictures or see to whatever tasks they need completed. Helping an elderly or infirm person is all the better. When someone comes around with a problem, be attentive and advise them with care. We make effective listeners and counselors right now. This is also a great time for investments and business pursuits, and for financial affairs in general. Practical needs are put in perspective and we can make an effective financial plan. At work, commend someone on a job well done. To earn the respect of others, stay on task and fulfill all responsibilities.

Saturn trine Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn trine Venus in the Transit Chart

Saturn Opposite Venus

Difficult Choices.

Keywords: inhibitions, responsibilities, frugality

Negotiations are tricky at this time and difficult choices must be made. We can compromise without feeling that we are the loser. Everyone gives up something, but they also get something in return. Duties and obligations preclude social activities right now. Many of us end up staying late at work. When someone there gives us their honest appraisal of our work, we should pause and listen. This is a gift. Money feels tight at this time, too, so we may have to survive on less than usual. We can actually take pride in this Spartan existence. It's amazing how little a person really needs to get by, especially on a temporary basis. We’re capable of saying no to ourselves just to say no. So this is the thing they call self-discipline! It’s probably best simply to stop feeling sorry for yourself. Pick yourself up by the bootstraps and get moving. Any pessimistic energy will soon pass.

Saturn opposite Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn opposite Venus in the Transit Chart

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