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Saturn Square Uranus

Order and Chaos.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: oppression, tension, motivation
Frequency: Once every 14 years. Duration: 10 months (One degree per month)

This extremely tense transit manifests largely on the worldly, material plane, although its results can affect a great many people. This can be a period of intense oppression, as the reigning authorities attempt to squelch an uprising, using the most severe methods at their disposal. This transit is all about tension between the old and the new -- radical action that is sure to upset the status quo as well as the party in power.

The extent of their fear of change and their inability to incorporate new concepts into existing structures will be the measure of their reaction to attempted reform. Authority issues manifest in a major way. Radical action shocks everyone and may not produce the desired results. Disruption, curtailment of freedom and social unrest are almost certain to occur. Feelings of unbearable restrictions only strengthen the resolve of the upstart rebels, and in the long term, they’re sure to be victorious in this never-ending confrontation between old and new, chaos and order, confinement and freedom. Clinging blindly to the past only makes inevitable changes more difficult. Let go and move forward.

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