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Saturn Square Pluto

A Tense Standoff.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: intensity, sexuality, compulsiveness
Frequency: Once every 14 years. Duration: 10 months (One degree per month)

This transit shows that it’s time for a change, but the resistance to this needed change can be great. This urge for transformation and the subsequent resistance to it can happen on many levels, from a broad political perspective all the way down to the personal. Conscious and unconscious motivations collide.

We feel threatened by any challenge to our position and every loss threatens our sense of security. This causes us to adhere tenaciously to our belief systems, refusing to listen to anything else. We feel a compulsiveness, a sense of urgency, a lack of time and resources. When we feel so squeezed, there are some people who will feel pushed to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do -- extreme or fanatical acts that test limits and stretch the boundaries of acceptability -- all in an attempt to resolve the tension between established structures and the need to clean house, improve and transform. Perhaps a better course of action is to recognize what can’t be salvaged and let it go. We should try to get things into proper perspective, which isn’t the easiest task under this difficult transit.

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