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Saturn Square Jupiter


Kelli Fox

Keywords: downsizing, confusion, restlessness
Frequency: Once every 6 years. Duration: 4 months (seems long! But Jupiter moves average 30 deg. per year: one third = 10 degrees and 4 months)

Ouch. Big Daddy Jupiter moves into a tense square with severe Saturn, putting strict limits on all the fun, travel, expansion and adventure we usually expect from Jupiter. What we want to do interferes with what we should do.

What we actually do is a measure of our maturity (ah! a Saturn test). We struggle to envelop both the big and the small, the inner and the outer. The answer, of course, is somewhere in middle, but it may be a difficult balance to find during the course of this influence. Restricted growth is to be expected at this time and any of us could be affected by corporate downsizing, either directly or indirectly. Even if we keep our job we can expect more work and increased responsibilities due to others' losses. We are forced to adjust to strict time limits, too many rules, guilt and just plain old bad luck. If we can develop perspective and avoid the confusion of mood swings, inconsistent expectations and authoritarian behavior, it will go a long way toward helping us develop the maturity and patience we need to get through times like these.

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