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Saturn Sextile Venus

Realistic Perception.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: practical, realistic, sober
Frequency: . Duration: 10 Days ( 1 deg. per day average)

We actually enjoy work for the duration of this transit, even if we ordinarily consider it a total drag. We can get a lot done and feel good about it. Work and labor are a good focus for this energy, because relationships may not go as smoothly.

Our affections are strong, but circumstances may limit our ability to express them. Rather than belabor the negative, find a practical and sensible way to realize your creative energy. Once we have defined what we want, we can chart our course and implement a step-by-step plan to achieve our goals, both financial and work-related. Start a savings account and be on the lookout for earning opportunities and other ways to make money. Friendships can develop at this time, too. Give attention to maintaining and building your oldest friendships; they are more valuable than gold.

Saturn sextile Venus in the Compatibility Chart

Saturn sextile Venus in the Transit Chart

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