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Saturn Sextile Neptune

Kelli Fox

Keywords: patience, assistance, relinquish
Frequency: approx 23 years. Duration: 1 year

We are able now to manifest our highest ideals and most cherished dreams without difficulty. Many of us will feel the balance and alignment between our spiritual nature and our practical reality. We’ll consider these matters deeply, and seek a grounded, real outlet for our religious and spiritual needs.

We will find many opportunities to serve, and may consider this a high calling. We will be alert and sensitive to the needs not only of our family and loved ones but also those of our neighbors and our local community, remembering that we live in a global village. Kind works of service will ripple out far beyond what we’re able to see, because our compassion ignites a similar flame in others, who then spread their love and attention. Some of us may find that changes we made to our spiritual life several years ago are now seeing real results, perhaps in practical ways we didn’t anticipate. This is one of the best times to walk comfortably between the spiritual and the physical worlds. This transit is rare, occurring only once every fourteen or fifteen years. It is subtle, but its effects can be quite far-reaching.

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