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Saturn Sextile Jupiter

Cautious Optimism.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: confident, practical, careful
Frequency: Once every 6 years. Duration: 4 months (seems long! But Jupiter moves average 30 deg. per year: one third = 10 degrees and 4 months)

During this infrequent but potent transit, we work in practical ways to build our future. We're disciplined, focused and pragmatic. Nothing can keep us back when our goals are so clearly in focus and we have a step-by-step plan for achieving them.

We’re able to identify opportunities for personal and professional growth and utilize them to the best of our ability. The future looks bright. This is a great time to invest with an eye to long-term gains. Our timing is good and taking a calculated risk now pays off later, in spades. We take a careful and organized approach at this time, yet we’re not afraid to demonstrate authority and leadership; and these qualities are quickly put to good use. We are wise in adapting our means to the ends we want to achieve. Our industrious and hardworking attitude gives us satisfaction in the present and paves the way for positive results and material success in the future.

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