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Saturn Opposite Uranus

Question Authority.

Kelli Fox

Keywords: irritation, rebellion, surprises
Frequency: Once every 28 - 29years. Duration: 10 months (One degree per month)

A line is drawn in the sand. Rebellious forces face off against the established authorities; the results can be nothing short of a total break between the two sides, both of whom remain entrenched in their respective positions, with no end in sight to this tense standoff. The rebels don't hesitate to push the envelope, often in extreme ways.

The more outraged their opponents become, the happier they are. This is a period of active resistance, unpredictable lawlessness and the extreme reaction of the hierarchy that has control, tenuous as it may be. Oppression of the rebels, ever-stricter rules and a tenacious grip on the reins of power all lead to an increasingly fragile situation that can explode at the slightest spark. There is a buildup of great tension that is then suddenly released. This dynamic is extremely stressful and difficult for everybody. Private dreams are often dashed by the bitter demands of the reality of this time. We must deal with forces that are beyond our control. ‘Galileo's head was on the block. His crime was looking up for truth.’ This phrase captures the energy of this disruptive transit.

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